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When each of us took our first inhalation at birth, we became that astrological moment of time. Your unique horoscope is a physical, psychological and spiritual picture of the sky; of you.

The moment of birth that you chose, included all the varying traits that make up your personality and more, keeping in mind the latitude and longitude point in space where you arrived. No one is truly like anyone else. 

Perhaps the Sun was in Aries, meaning you call yourself an Aries, or if you’re a Gemini, the Sun was in Gemini at your birth. But the entire zodiac makes up your birth chart, so we all have EVERY planet and EVERY zodiac sign within it/us.

The busy, fun, quick, inquisitive mind of a Sun sign Gemini, would also be affected, let’s say, by a Moon (Moon rules our emotional instincts) in Capricorn, making them more emotionally serious and traditional. Perhaps their Mars is in Scorpio, with a natural inclination toward sensuality, money and/or research, perhaps into crime investigation. Do you get the idea that we are much more than just sun sign?

I like to think of the planets as the parents of their offspring zodiac sign. A chip off ‘the old block,’ so to say. Why? Because, for instance, Capricorn has the traits of its ’ruler, ‘Saturn. Father time. The yellow bulb of the traffic light, between go and stop, suggesting we slow down, for our best interests.

This pairing is effecting us all these days, with half of the 10 celestial bodies all in Capricorn, including Cap’s own ‘dad,’ Saturn, located now in Capricorn for the first time in about 30 years, (to stay almost 3 years more.)

This eve, Jan. 16th, we have a New Moon in Capricorn, energizing us to start new traditions and structures over the next weeks… and as the New Moon grows in size night after night, know that your efforts are growing something strong.  Like exercise brings results, work harder, be more consistent, and build something sturdy, enduring and practical, which can last for you.

This is a super Major Capricorn time. The Sun is always in Capricorn this time of year, as you may already know. Mercury (effecting all communication) is also in Cap. now. Venus (affecting our love, money, and the feminine) is also in Capricorn right now. Saturn (effecting career, responsibility and laying building blocks), is also in Capricorn, as we mentioned earlier,… (its own chip off the old block), carrying its same characteristics, which, you can imagine, doubles the strength of Saturn in Cap.,)

What’s more, Pluto joins the crowd… (intense penetration beyond surface layers of life) and being in Capricorn, (already for many years and lingering for a couple of years more), only visits Cap. once every 248 years! Talk about changing life’s structures!

Pluto goes beneath the surface, exposing what’s weak, sick, and in need of state-of-the-art major healing transformation. Now in Cap., we see beneath the surface characteristics of traditional, old-fashioned government, politics and authority figures, for example, -–which can now be revolutionized after 284 years of the same old same old.)

We shall do the work now. Build better structures. Take responsibility for helping make things more evolved. Be more mature. Be practical in the use of our authority, or dealing with those in authority. I think we will like feeling more at home within ourselves by being more slowed down and grounded.

Remember the race between the tortoise (slow like Cap.) and the hare (speedy like Aries, Watch your step so you don’t trip over your feet, moving so fast. Slow down and enjoy the view.

Some traits that Saturn/Capricorn ‘rule’ are infrastructure, foundations, buildings, bridges, bones, knees, teeth, skin, career, business, ambition, stability, prudence, frugality, persistence, conservatism, traditions (the way things have always been), logic, patience, parent, father, karma (can be cleared, celebrated, and creating more good).  

What you build now with your solid, sure, step-by-step responsible work ethic ultimately presents the dream you’ve dreamed. Step up.

Love from Rachel Star of Sedona

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