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Does not knowing make you crazy, or at least uncomfortable? Do you feel like you should be in control of everything?


Ask yourself this question. When you were developing in the womb, were you in charge? Even a little? Did you choose your gender, colors, etc?

Well, I’m going to suggest that you Did decide on some aspects! As an astrologer, spiritual reader, and interfaith minister, I interpret destiny, and channel higher guidance for the free well. In the womb, most of the time you were just floating, nourishing, resting, kicking, etc. Those ‘things’ you Did choose , were decided before you were birthed, before the veil in the physical plane separated us from the consciousness of remembering, though it's always 'there' to be revealed.


I believe we are eternal beings, made of electric frequency. Have you ever stuck your finger in an electric wall socket? Don’t experiment with this at home, folk, when you can just google it. Energy doesn't 'die,' but it does change form.


I believe in life before physical life, and life after physical life. I believe we know in what ways we think we still need and desire to evolve. I believe we choose what astrological time we will arrive, breathing in planetary and zodiacal energetic traits and characteristics in that moment, from which we begin our ‘pre-determined’ course.


I believe our free will is instrumental in how we ride the ride, or play the game of life.


I believe, therefore, attitude is everything, as the saying goes. Perception manifests.


You would think, based on my beliefs written in this blog, that we do know everything. In our subconscious, we do. But we’re only aware of 3% consciously.


The sub conscious is sub…under…beneath…the surface consciousness. That is where all eminates from, in the outer reality. For instance, talk about a subject for time and it will likely show up in your manifestations in some manner.


Knowing this, you can test it out, and I suggest you test it on a positive situation, one in which it is Not a highly unlikely outcome. Remember, you’re simply testing the waters. Toes will do; no need to dive head first with your entire body, not knowing the depths or undertow.


The surface of every thing does point back to me…or to you, reading. For instance, why did I bring that situation or person? What did I need to learn? Was it that I forget to love and consider myself? That I need to learn forgiveness, which frees me, and to forgive myself as well. Did I learn that no matter what, I can have a mindset of gratefulness, joy, peace, faith and ultimate bliss.


That must be developed in your own mental and emotional womb. The birth of awareness and self-responsibility is rather Fantastic, even with the first toe. We can be reborn at any moment. Again and again. A fantastic voyage.


Love from Rachel Star of Sedona


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