The Sedona Summer Colony is presented through a creative partnership between the Sedona Arts Center and Verde Valley School. Now in its third year, the two organizations have worked together to create a dynamic program offering not only individual artist residencies but also unique workshops.

This gives artists the option to jump-start their private residency with a workshop of their choice or even take the workshop as a stand-alone experience. Private residencies are available this year from Saturday, July 21, through Saturday, Aug. 11 and can be reserved for one, two or three-week durations.

When each of us took our first inhalation at birth, we became that astrological moment of time. Your unique horoscope is a physical, psychological and spiritual picture of the sky; of you.

The moment of birth that you chose, included all the varying traits that make up your personality and more, keeping in mind the latitude and longitude point in space where you arrived. No one is truly like anyone else. 

Another year has passed us by... 2017 wasn't good all around, but it sure was a good year for the real estate market here in Sedona.  Inventory is trending downwards - which tends to lead towards some upswings in pricing.  There are currently 275 residential units on the market - 214 of which are truly available - meaning that 61 homes are already tied up with buyers in escrow.  Let's break down the 214 available homes in several ways. 

Total 214 residential units:

181 single family homes

20 condos/townhomes

13 mobile homes/manufactured homes



< $300k =                 15 units

$300k - $500k =        42 units

$500k - $750k =        59 units

$750k- $1M =            41 units

$1M + =                    58 units


We can also break down the 181 single family homes down into the different parts of town - so that you can get a feeling for which neighborhoods have more availability

Oak Creek Canyon -    4

Uptown Sedona -        21

West Sedona -            67

Loop Road area -        16

Chapel area -             21

Village of Oak Creek   52


Year end data will be coming in a few weeks - but in general - the market is up in the range of 25% for the year.  That means that the total dollar amount for homes is up - not necessarily the pricing.  Don't confuse these.  Some people might see this stat and think that their house is worth 25% more this year.  That % is hidden a little deeper into our statistics - but I'd say that it's closer to a 6% increase across the board this year.  There were some segments that performed better than others - for instance the $600k-800k market the average price per square foot went up by 10%. 

Be sure to ask your agent for details on the value of your house - and if you don't have an agent, send me an email!  Thanks and Happy New Year!



You probably have come across a newness recently, or newness will occur relatively soon. 


It may be coming in one major new way or a myriad of ways, including perceptions and decisions.


It may have popped its head up through the ground, of your life, months ago, and been manifesting then, or ‘now.’

Celebrate the spirit of the holiday season and the 60th Anniversary of Sedona Arts Center during the Sedona Northern Lights Holiday Spectacular December 14 to 17. Produced by LA-based Paintscaping, a world leader in 3D projection mapping, this holiday light show will showcase Sedona’s profound beauty, thriving arts scene, dark skies and enchanting landscapes, making this the USA’s largest projection show on a natural canvas!

Does not knowing make you crazy, or at least uncomfortable? Do you feel like you should be in control of everything?


Ask yourself this question. When you were developing in the womb, were you in charge? Even a little? Did you choose your gender, colors, etc?

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