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Abbey Reznicek wanted to make a documentary film to uplift those with different beliefs — Sedona seemed like the perfect place.

“I have a passion for minority experiences,” she said. “I wanted to portray someone who doesn’t normally get portrayed and have them be the spotlight and have [them] be the normal one.”


Reznicek’s film “Until Arcturus” will focus on Sedona local Anita Owens and her UFO, ghost and vortex tours. The project delves into Owens’ belief in an alien family that looks out for her as well as her belief in the mystical energy of Sedona. Kindness is an overall theme in Owens’ beliefs, Reznicek said.

“Anita believes in star people and believes that they’ve always been around and are still around and want humans to evolve in a way to make them kind,” Reznicek said. “She is open to all things energy-related, and believes in vortexes as a thinner veil to the other side.”

Owens did not respond to requests for an interview as of press time. Reznicek, who is studying documentary journalism at the University of Missouri, said she found Owens while searching for things to do in Sedona online.

She emailed Owens and drove 20 hours to Sedona hoping it would work out.

“She was excited — she seemed really willing to do it once we got there,” Reznicek said.

The purpose of the documentary was not to exploit alternative beliefs, but rather show how different ideas can help people connect and how anyone can choose their own path, Reznicek said. “I think the thing I got most out of it was just the unconditional love that [Owens] portrays,” she said.

“The longer I spent around her, the better person I became. I grew up in the Bible Belt, and these things aren’t discussed. It was incredibly enlightening.”

Initially, the project was bare bones as far as resources and manpower. Reznicek started out directing and producing. She had her friends do audio. Several trips later, she had a little more help.

“We spent a lot to get all the way to Sedona,” she said. “I knew this was something I wanted to do.”


Right now, the project is still raising money to finish filming and has an IndieGoGo page with more than $1,000 raised. Bryan Lushbough, who helped with producing, audio and filming the documentary, said he had hardly been outside Missouri before working on “Until Arcturus.”

“That was a really eclectic experience,” he said. “Sedona has this off-the-beaten-path, mystical vibe of different ideas coming to a positive end.” For Lushbough, his experience of working on the film has taught him to be more curious.

“I learned that having a set of beliefs does not pigeonhole you into not being able to take people’s point of view,” he said. “[Owens] was more about taking things people were curious about and how that would benefit them.”

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